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On March 5, 1823, John Tumlinson, Sr., justice of the peace of the newly established Colorado district in Stephen F. Austin's first colony in Texas, wrote to Baron de Bastrop in San Antonio that he had "appointed but one officer who acts in the capacity of constable to summon witnesses and bring offenders to justice." Tumlinson was referring to Thomas V. Alley, whom he had appointed as the first constable in Texas soon after Governor Trespalacios divided the colony into two districts in December 1822 for better civil administration and justice.

It should be noted that the first law enforcement appointment in January of 1823 was a constable in Stephen F. Austin's colony." This was the confirmation in what was later to become the Republic and then the State of Texas that the first peace officers appointed were constables. Besides being the first law enforcement officers in Texas, constables are required to meet the same training and standards as any other peace officers in Texas. Their duties are the same as any other peace officer: to protect and serve the citizens and defend the laws of the State of Texas.